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Audio and Video files to download
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Cause We're Homeschooled

song from "Sketch Comedy"

Call the Miladies

song from "The Three Musketeers"

Homeschool Theatre Gets Real

movie from "The Teen Theatre Event"

Car Wash

the music video we made after the end of the year party

Wednesday Theatre Memories: The 2014/15 Season

Here is the final proof of the 2014/15 yearbook if you would like to see it before the hard copy arrives. The blank pages you will see are placeholders for parts of the book, so don't mind those. I hope you and your children enjoy it-I think it really represents the all that we did in year 9.

PS: If you pdf reader supports two page viewing,
it will give you a good feel for what the book will look like. Also, the file is large so if you click on it it will take a moment to load.

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Finding Richard: The Multimedia book
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Click on the image above to get
Finding Richard from iTunes.
The book is free, so ignore anything
that says "buy."

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Right click on the image above to download the pdf version of Finding Richard.
All the multimedia elements are not there of course,
but you can at least the great shots of the cast.

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