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A look back at 10 seasons.
All the programs from all the shows!

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Season 1: 2006/07
Rita Carswell, the homeschool art teacher at the time, remembered
me from classes her daughter took in Abington Township in 1999/2000. She REALLY thought the homeschool community would like Creative Theatre.
Jerry Schmoyer said let's try it, Dalissa Reeder was on board with putting it on the yahoo list, and so we launched what was an experiment.

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Season 2: 2007/08
"Alice" was 20 weeks, and then it was followed by a spring Creative Theatre class!

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Season 3: 2008/09
The shape of things to come! We introduced some of the more involved programs, and started running a morning and afternoon class in Doylestown. Also, the Souderton program started in the winter of 2009.

Fall 2008: Doylestown

Morning Class:
Victoria's Book

Afternoon Class:
30 Plays in 60 Minutes
The Plays

Winter 2009



Afternoon Class:
30 Plays in 60 Minutes
The Plays

Spring 2009: Doylestown

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Season 4: 2009/10
This was the last year for the Souderton program, after the winter class it was merged with Doylestown. The Shakespeare series continued with our version of Hamlet, and the classic series got going with our version of
La Boheme. This is the first year that all the afternoon classes were specialized programs.

"Masterpiece Podcast" started shooting this year!

Fall 2009


Morning Class:
Save the Music!


Afternoon Class:
30 Plays in 60 Minutes
The Plays

Winter 2010


Afternoon Class:
Hamlet and Eggs


Morning Class:

Afternoon Class:
Hamlet and Eggs

Spring 2010

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Season 5: 2010/11
This year we tried to get something going for Homeschoolers in Pipersville, but that ended up merging with Doylestown as well. The first improv classes started this season, Midsummer was the Shakespeare piece. The "Classics" program continued as well with "Around the World in 80 Days" and our "Dumas Mash Up", which introduced stage swordplay for the first time; the teen group has been doing extra swordplay sessions for 5 years! Classic poetry was introduced this year as well.

Fall 2010

(program not available)

Morning Class:
Emma's Treehouse

Afternoon Class:
A Night at the Improv
Set list


Summer Class:
To Catch a Thief

Winter 2011

Morning Class:
Back in Time

Spring 2011

Afternoon Class:
The Three Musketeers Plus One

Module: Poetry I

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Season 6: 2011/12
The Shakespeare program was Henry V, and the spring brought two fun "Classics" programs: Oliver Twist and Pirates of Penzance.
This was the first season we started taking bi-annual trips to NYC. Several free modules were offered this year, and our first featuring one of the parents, along with our second classic poetry module.

Fall 2011

Afternoon Class:
Another Night at the Improv

Module: creativeIMAGERY

Holiday with the Arts Trip: "The Radio City Christmas Spectacular"; The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Winter 2012

Afternoon Class:
Henry V

Module: Living Rhythm with Chris Straigis

Spring 2012

Morning Class:
Oliver Twist

Afternoon Class:
Pirates of Penzance
Module: Poetry II

Springtime with the Arts Trip: The Highline; the new American Art Wing at Metropolitan Museum of Art

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Season 7: 2012/13
This year things changed quite a bit. The program expanded to a three class structure. The groups became the younger, middle and teen groups. Our first use of puppets came this year with the younger group. The middle group started on the specialized programs with "Shakespeare's Comedic Themes." Greek tragedy was introduced, and the teen group officially got its own night to perform. During the day parents started to offer programs, too. Jenny ran a philosophy program, and Lara ran her poetry program.

Fall 2012

Holiday with the Arts Trip: Sony Wonder Labs; "Annie"; Rockefeller Center and Bryant Park

Winter 2013

Spring 2013

Younger Group:
The Epical Hat

Middle Group:
The Carmens

Teen Group:
Module: Performance Poetry with Lara Gaydos

Springtime with the Arts Trip: Empire State Building; Grand Central Station; Natural History Museum

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Season 8: 2013/14
The younger group moved into some more developed work with "Classic Comedy" and one of our older programs "It Came from Outer Space." The middle group had their first improv experience, tackled Hamlet, and started stage fighting (sword and staff). The teens took on "A Christmas Carol," and their most challenging show to date,
"Richard III." In order to give each teen a chance to play a juicy role, four performances were scheduled. Lara gave her final poetry class in the fall, Nikki ran a year round book club, and Jeremi ran a movement program in the winter.

Fall 2013

Holiday with the Arts Trip: NY Public Library Main Branch tour; "Matilda"

Winter 2014

Younger Group:
Book Rocker Madness

Teen Group:
Richard III Part 1
Module: Creative Movement with Jeremi Dilworth

Spring 2014

Middle Group:
Robin Hood

Teen Group:
Richard III

Springtime with the Arts Trip: Central Park; Museum of Modern Art; The Highline

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Season 9: 2014/15
New and exciting experiences for all ages! We really tried to work the group (especially the older students) like a rep company.

For the younger group, "Babes in Toyland" opened their season. They also created an original play, "Rainbows and Sunshine." In the search for new experiences, we decided to try something very different. The group performed in the round with "The Pirate Kingdom."

The middle group did their second "30 Plays", their first multi performance night with "A Midsummer Night's Dream," and finally theatre in the round with "HMS Pinafore", our "classics" program. Not just sword play this time, but more involved staff work; with our finale featuring a water-balloons-as-cannonballs-at-high-seas battle.

The teen group performed "A Night at the Improv" in the fall, followed by a stand alone improv night in March. Through the winter/spring, they worked on "An Evening of One Acts: Cyrano and The Actor's Nightmare." Finally, the teens created a children's theatre piece, an adaptation of "Snow White"
to be performed this fall.

Nikki continued the book club, and Becky started craft club.

Fall 2014

Younger Group:
Babes in Toyland

Teen Group:
A Night at the Improv
Set list

Module: Scene Study

Holiday with the Arts Trip: Museum of Modern Art; Stomp

Winter 2015

Younger Group:
Rainbows and Sunshine

Teen Group:
An Evening of One Acts Part 1;
A Night at the Improv;
Module: Snow White

Spring 2015

Springtime with the Arts Trip: The Cloisters; The Drama Bookstore

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Season 10: 2015/16

A big year of change as Main Street Baptist Church was sold! We learned in January 2016 that they were looking for a buyer, and they sold the building in June. This would be our last year in what had been our home for so long.

Fall 2015 featured two new programs, as the morning group performed "Art and Improv" as a standalone show. The middle and teen groups performed together on a night of comedy in "A Night at the Improv" and "Sketch Comedy" (the 2nd brand new program).

In the winter, the students continued to expand their repertoire as the morning group did their first 30 Plays in 60 Minutes. The Middle group took on "Greek Tragedy," and the teens were doing another two act production. This year, "An Evening at the Fights" and
"The 15 Minute Hamlet." The teens performed an improv show in March.

For the Spring productions, the younger class had their intro to swords with "The Three Musketeers." The middle group began getting serious with Shakespeare and with their production of "Henry V". And like the past two years, the teens performed "An Evening of One Acts" three times. We added a short movie in between acts to give the audience a full multimedia experience!

Becky continued to run craft club, we had an American girl scavenger hunt, the cast of Henry V got together to watch Branagh's movie version of the play, and the kids continued to do great theatre and have fun together. For the yearbook, we had some old friends return to take photos for the ten year anniversary edition. We took trips to the Franklin, Rodin, and the Philadelphia Museum of Art. And we saw the Lion King during our Holiday with the Arts trip.

Even though our time at Main Street Baptist ended, we knew we would continue into season 11 with a new home, and more exciting theatre to share.

Fall 2015

Younger Group:
Art and Improv

Teen Group:
Sketch Comedy

Holiday with the Arts Trip: Sony Wonder Lab; St Patrick's Cathedral; The Lion King

Winter 2016

Spring 2016

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Info on our eleventh season, currently wrapping up its spring session, coming soon…

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